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Powering the Regions Fund - Safeguard Transformation Stream Round 1

ClosedGrant Opened: 7th of August 2023 Closed: 1st of September 2023 - 5:00 pm Value: $500,000 to $50 Million Run By: Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water Further Information: https://www.grants.gov.au/Go/Show?GoUuid=ed6ac323-43bd-4f55-9e2c-eb1d3de46bb0

This grant opportunity was announced in January 2023 as part of the Government’s Safeguard Mechanism Reforms to support the Government’s ambition for Australia to become a renewable energy superpower.

The Powering the Regions Fund will allocate $600 million to the Safeguard Transformation Stream (STS) in recognition of the specific challenges faced by trade exposed facilities.

The objectives of this grant opportunity are to:

  • support trade-exposed facilities covered by the Safeguard Mechanism to reduce their emissions and contribute to meeting Australia’s 2030 (and 2050) emissions reduction targets
  • reduce the risk of carbon leakage, which occurs when a business responds to emissions reduction policies by moving emissions-intensive production to a country with less stringent policies
  • provide skills development to existing industrial workforce in new equipment or processes that contribute to the reduction of scope 1 emissions.
Last Updated: 12th of July 2023
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