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Please note that this Go Digital course content was developed in 2017 and therefore should be used as a guide only as the referenced online services may have changed over time.

Week 6 - How to Start a Blog and Find Out What Your Customers are Searching for in Google

Welcome to this week’s instalment of the Go Digital Free Training series. This week we start our Module on Blogging. The material in this module will apply to you no matter what type of website you have as we are focusing on how to plan and how to write a blog as well as the different types of content you can use. It will be delivered over two weeks before we dive in to social media.

This week looks at how to find the keywords that your customers are searching for in Google (Videos 1 -4) and use those to create a plan for blogging in the future (Video 5). Videos 1- 4 on finding keywords might be a little more advanced so feel free to skip them and come back later when you’re ready.

When using Google Keyword planner tool for the first time, Google forces you to create an ad campaign before you can access the free tool. I show you how to create this campaign and then immediately turn it off so you don’t get charged anything. That is covered in the first two videos and it will only need to be done the very first time you use the google keyword planner tool. If you have ever advertised with Google before or used the planner tool then you won’t need the steps in the first two videos.

How long will it take?

This week the videos will take about 50 minutes of your time, if you watch all of them (you might not need all of them. I have separated them into 5 x 10-15 minute videos.

Probably allow another hour or two to work through the material yourself, depending on your skills and whether or not you have your product details (descriptions and photos) ready before hand.

Don’t feel like you have to watch all of the videos. Some of the information might not apply to you. The first four videos are about finding the keywords in google. The 5th video is about how to plan. Finding keywords in google might be a little advanced and it might something to come back to when you’re ready for it. You might want to just skip to Video 5 this week.

If you have ever run a paid advert in google then you won’t need videos 1 and 2.

In video 1, I show you how to log into Google Adwords, where you’ll need to create an ad campaign to access the keywords features – this will be deleted immediately – so don’t worry no expenditure necessary. You only have to do this the first time. You’ll never have to worry about it again. Duration 8:22

In video 2, I show you how to delete the ad campaign we just created. Duration 1:55

In video 3, I show you how to use Google Keyword Planner to find out what your customers are searching for and how many people are looking each month. Duration 15:37

In video 4, the instructions continue from the previous video on finding keywords. I’ll show you how to download a copy and save it so you can refer to it without having to come back to google. Duration 9:39

In video 5, we look at planning out the posts of your blogs. I share a few of the different plans I’ve used previously and explain why I plan and how the times I haven’t planned has meant I’ve missed posts etc. Duration 10:33

What’s up next week?

Next week, we’ll go into depth about how to write a blog post, things to be aware of and how people read stuff on the internet.

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