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Please note that this Go Digital course content was developed in 2017 and therefore should be used as a guide only as the referenced online services may have changed over time.

Week 8 - Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Business?

In this week’s segment of the Go Digital Free Training, I will be showing you how find out where your customers are hanging out (which social media channels) and I go through the pros and cons of a few of the main channels.

Please take this post as a starting off point for your research. While I’ve been on social media for 10 years and used it in online marketing roles for 6 of those; things change all of the time. Also, it is impossible for one person to everything about everything. Make sure you do your own research before you decide.

How long will it take?

So this week I have 6 videos, but you don’t have to watch all of them. The first video is 20 minutes and it goes into how to research and find out where your potential clients are hanging out. The other 5 videos go into the pros and cons and are about 10 minutes long.

Below is a PDF copy of the pros and cons with links to where I found my usage statistics etc – you can download a copy of this – the videos might have some additional info because I was free talking so things might be better explained and in some cases demonstrated.

In Video 1, I demonstrate how to find the biggest content creators in your industry and look at how many followers are on their social media channels. Duration 19:15

In video 2, I talk about the pros and cons of using Facebook. Next week I’ll go further into how to use facebook and set up your page etc. I’m just letting you know that that is coming. Duration approx 15:00

In video 3, I dive into Instagram showing you a little bit about how it works and how to look up hashtags while also talking about the pros and cons. The week after next will be Instagram week so there is more to come. Send me through your questions. Duration approx 10:00

In video 4, I chat a little bit about Twitter and how it works while discussing the pros and cons. Duration approx 7:00

In video 5, I show you Pinterest, another visual medium which is like a virtual pin board you can display and share with the world. It can be useful for certain industries or customer demographics. Duration approx 7:00

In video 6, I talk about YouTube, the pros and cons and how to reduce issues such as the time it takes to create content.

What’s up next week?

Next week, is Facebook week. How to create a page, how to use groups, how to make the best use of Facebook for your business.

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