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Businesses in the Northern Inland Region have done it tough during the last ten years. The worst drought on record, preceeded the 20219-20 bushfires, the covid-19 pandemic and significant flooding events. Our communities and businesses have endured one unpredictable challenge after another.

Through the support of the Australian and NSW Government’s Bushfire Resilience and Recovery Fund, we are proud to share the stories of twelve local businesses in bushfire impacted areas who have taken on these challenges and survived.

Their stories are a source of inspiration, and from their experience, other small businesses can learn how to face the challenges the future has to hold. They highlight how other businesses can embrace change, develop product offerings and look to the future to increase their own resilience. By learning from their experiences, we can work together towards a prosperous future for our region.

Hear stories from local business owners about:


Embracing Change


Peter Sandral



Peter shares how he used the bushfires to start anew and adapted for future resilience.

Watch Peter's Story or Read Peter's Story


Larry McPherson

Gwydir Meats


Peter shares how he changed his supply chain to reduce costs and survive.

Watch Larry's Story or Read Larry's Story


Sheree Thrift

Sherelle Fashions


Sheree shares how she utilised social media to keep customers engaged with her customers.

Watch Sheree's Story or Read Sheree's Story


Warren Yeomans

Greenhill Orchards


Warren shares how he seived an opportunity to utilise a harvest by-product to serve a neiche market.

Watch Warren's Story or Read Warren's Story


Developing Product Offerings


Julie Bird

Sleepy Merino


Julie shares how she value-added to her wool farm and created a new product to aid income stability.

Watch Julie's Story or Read Julie's Story


Sue Waters

Carelles Toy Store

Glen Innes

Sue shares how remaining true to her passion has made her store unique and competitive.

Watch Sue's Story or Read Sue's Story


Tom Croft and Dan Emery

The Welder's Dog


Tom and Dan share how they connected with local producers and diversified to continue sales during lockdowns.

Watch Tom and Dan's Story or Read Their Story


Jeffery Mahlenhoff

Moonbi General Store


Jeffery shares their nationally awarded story of adapting to the needs of their community.

Watch Jeffery's Story or Read Jeffery's Story


Planning For The Future


Peter King

Walcha Veterinary Supplies


Peter shares how retaining his staff was key to recovering after the bushfires.

Watch Peter's Story or Read Peter's Story


Tim Alt

Alt Brothers Beekeeping

Glen Innes

TIm shares how doing everything he could to survive the hard times kept his business alive.

Watch Tim's Story or Read Tim's Story


Kristen Lovett

Tenterfield Business Chamber


Kristen shares how local businesses joined forces to create the Tenterfield True initiative and their innovative raffle program

Watch Kristen's Story or Read Kristen's Story


Ken Flower

Kaputar Motors


Ken shares how managing cashflow, forecasting income and cutting costs was crucial to the survival of his business.

Watch Ken's Story or Read Ken's Story


This is a Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund project through the joint Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Although funding for this product has been provided by both the Australian and NSW Governments, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views of either government.

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