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Consultancy Services

With a diverse range of knowledege and skills, we are able to provide support to the private and public sector and to community groups.

We can work with you to develop:

  • Business Case
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis in line with Government requirements


“I would like to offer the Board’s sincere appreciation and congratulations on the completion of an outstanding Namoi Investment Prospectus in terms of content, structure and presentation which promises to attract significant agricultural value-added investment to the Namoi Region.”

Clr Andrew Hope
Mayor Liverpool Plains Shire Council
and Namoi Councils Joint Organisation Chairperson

Examples of our Business Cases and Economic Studies


Australian Transport Museum

Client: Australian Transport Museum
Year: 2023

The Australian Transport Museum Ltd (ATM) entity as a not-for-profit company in 2008 to establish a museum in Armidale. With the support of Armidale Regional Council, the museum is proposed to be established at the new Airside Business Park south of Armidale. This site provides access directly off the New England Highway and co-location with many other tourist attractions and amenities.

Exhibits will include 80-100 vintage, veteran and classic vehicles and other transport related display including a history of aviation display relating to the air services to Armidale airport. There will be a library of over 1,000 books, 15,000 original sales brochures, an electronic library and signs, badges, models etc and a visitor information centre.

Based on passing traffic alone on the New England Highway, it is calculated that the museum will attract an additional 9,300 day visitors and an additional 8,700 overnight stays to the Armidale LGA. Visitors will spend an additional $2.9M per annum in local businesses. This expenditure will directly and indirectly create another 22 jobs in the local economy (REMPLAN 2022). This may be an under-estimate of annual visitation as it does not include other visitors to the region, to nearby tourist attractions or people passing through Armidale Regional Airport.

Find out more about the Australian Transport Museum Business Case and view the document

NEJO Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Study

Client: New England Joint Organisation (NEJO)
Year: 2023

This report documents the electric vehicle (EV) charging situation in the New England Joint Organisation of councils (NEJO) region. It has a focus on fast public charging technology as opposed to slower residential/workplace charging and provides guidance on future fast charger requirements, including advice on installation issues for councils.

NEJO Economic Development Strategy Update

Client: New England Joint Organisation (NEJO)
Year: 2023

As part of their commitment to the region, the New England Joint Organisation updated their Economic Development Strategy to include Gwydir Shire and 2021 Australian Census data. This EDS provides an evidence base of the local economy for the member Local Government Areas (LGAs) upon which recommendations for the NEJO are based.

NEJO Statement of Regional Priorities Update

Client: New England Joint Organisation (NEJO)
Year: 2023

The New England Joint Organisation (NEJO) was initially proclaimed on 9 May 2018, and subsequently amended on 10 August 2018. The expanded region has created greater opportunities to leverage critical magnet infrastructure such as the Inland Rail and will improve the alignment of government strategic directions for increased economic activity.

During this project, we analysed the economic and population data for the local government areas in the NEJO region and worked with their members to revise their organisational objectives. This included extensive research and a one-day workshop with the members.

The final document included the data analysis, identification of key priorities, a SWOT analysis, and development of an action plan.

Guyra – Ebor Road Upgrade Business Case

Client: New England Joint Organisation
Year: 2022

This regional road and is an important freight and tourist route traversing 75 kms between the towns of Guyra and Ebor. This road is currently not approved for High Mass Limit (HML) B-double trucks, and these HML vehicles must take a longer route if travelling from the north or west to the north coast, and come to Armidale before heading east on the Waterfall Way. This detour adds 37 kms (about 32 minutes) to a one-way trip.

NEJO Economic Development Strategy

Client: New England Joint Organisation (NEJO)
Year: 2021

As part of their commitment to the region, the New England Joint Organisation developed an Economic Development Strategy. This EDS provides an evidence base of the local economy for the member Local Government Areas (LGAs) upon which recommendations for the NEJO are based.

Find out more about the NEJO Economic Development Study and view the document

Thunderbolts Way Upgrade Business Case

Client: New England Joint Organisation
Year: 2021

Three sections of Thunderbolts Way pose a safety hazard to traffic due to the narrow formation of the road and shoulder, and the rough and deteriorating road surface. They require widening and resurfacing.

One section (Scrubby Gully) was the location of a double fatality in 2016 when two semi-trailers collided on the narrow road. There have been 85 accidents along the entire 102km stretch of the Thunderbolts Way between Uralla and Inverell over the past five years and four accidents within the sections to be upgraded under this proposal.

Furthermore, these narrow sections of road precludes the use of HML B-double vehicles along this regionally important freight route.

Ashford Road Upgrade Business Case

Client: New England Joint Organisation
Year: 2021

1.5kms of Ashford Road (MR 137) at Frying Pan Creek requires widening and shoulder enhancement. This is one of three safety pinch points for B-double vehicles on Ashford Road, between Inverell and Ashford. These pinch points discourage certain heavy vehicle configurations from using the road.  The upgrades would improve road safety and further encourage more efficient and safer B-double trucks to use the shorter Ashford Road route between Inverell and Brisbane, saving 35 minutes of travel time.

Rangers Valley Road Upgrade Business Case

Client: New England Joint Organisation
Year: 2021

A study of the upgrade of two dangerous curves on the Rangers Valley Road, 26.8kms north of Glen Innes. These curves are on a key heavy vehicle route servicing the Rangers Valley Feedlot, which is located 14kms west of the  New England highway. This section of road has been the location of several heavy vehicle accidents since 2015.

Powerhouse Museum Business Case and Concept Design

Client: Glen Innes Shire Council
Year: 2021

The Glen Innes Powerhouse Museum project would involve the retention, remediation and repurposing of an iconic architectural structure and power-generating machinery – the now-defunct Glen Innes Power Station in Church Street, a site owned by Essential Energy – into a state of the art, multi-disciplinary, community-accessible, heritage and cultural destination.

In partnership with the Sydney Powerhouse Museum, the new attraction would not only display local heritage artifacts, but also exhibition material from the Sydney Museum.

It is estimated the museum would attract an additional 18,000 new visitors annually to the Glen Innes Severn shire – 7,100 new day visits and 30,400 new overnight stays with 50% of these visitors from outside of NSW.

Find out more about the Powerhouse Museum Business Case and view the document

New England Renewable Energy Zone Skills Study

Client: Department of Regional NSW
Year: 2021

This report examines the skills that will be required for the construction and operation of planned renewable energy projects within the New England Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) in northern New South Wales, with a focus on maximising opportunities for residents and businesses.

New England Rail Trail Business Case Revisions

Client: New England Rail Trail Inc.
Year: 2021

The Great Northern Rail Line between Armidale and the Qld border has not seen trains operating for 31 years. To revitalise this asset and generate economic growth through increased tourism, Armidale Regional and Glen Innes Severn Councils are proposing to build a 103km rail trail between Armidale and Glen Innes at a cost of $24M.  

The trail will provide a safe recreational location for cyclists and walkers and is anticipated to attract 14,000 new overnight visitors and 15,000 new day visitor to the region who will spend in excess of $5.8M annually at local businesses.  Opportunities will arise for new businesses to establish along the trail (accommodation, cafes, bike hire), creating 26 new local jobs.  In addition it is estimated that over 37,000 locals will make use of the trail and reap the associated health benefits.  Several small communities along the route will benefit from increased visitation. 

Ebor Falls Infrastructure Upgrades Economic Impact Analysis

Client: National Parks and Wildlife Service
Year: 2021

The 2019 bushfires caused major damage to the lookouts, picnic areas, walking tracks and safety barriers at the Ebor Falls lookout tourist destination near the village of Ebor in northern NSW. This project to replace and upgrade these facilities. This brief estimated the regional economic impacts and provided a Benefit-Cost Analysis for the project.

Angry Bull Trails Business Case

Client: Tenterfield Shire Council
Year: 2020

Angry Bull Trails would put Tenterfield on the map as a nationally significant mountain bike (MTB) destination town. It will be the first year-round MTB destination of this size in Australia with 150+ km of varied trails for riders of all abilities, including disabled riders and trails for walkers.

At full development in 2024, it is estimated the trails would attract at least 35,000 new visitors annually to Tenterfield shire – 19,500 new day visits and 15,500 new overnight stays from within a 5 hour drive radius.  In addition another 5,000 additional overnight stays from existing visitors who stay longer  and from organised MTB events are expected.

Find out more about the Angry Bull Trails Business Case and view the document


Tenterfield Shire Council Waste to Energy Feasibility Study

Client: Tenterfield Shire Council
Year: 2019

Councils face substantial and ever-increasing expenses regarding waste management and rising energy costs for infrastructure. Burying waste creates multiple risks and by its nature is unsustainable; no matter how big the hole, it will eventually fill only to require another replacement.

This project will determine the net environmental impact of reducing coal-fired energy and removing methane, leachate, excess transport of waste and inter-generational risk currently embodied in landfills.

Rangari Road Upgrade Economic Analysis

Client: Namoi Councils Joint Organisation
Year: 2018

This study examines the economic benefits of upgrading (sealing plus some re-alignment and at least one new bridge) Rangari Road which links Manilla and Boggabri in northern NSW, and is in close proximity to several coal mines.

Armidale and Guyra Regional Saleyards Report

Client: Armidale Regional Council
Year: 2018

A desktop review and analysis into the viability of the Armidale and Guyra saleyards. This included recorded throughput, forecasts and future business models to changing economic and industry conditions.

Moree Plains Labour Market Study

Client: Moree Plains Shire Council
Year: 2017

Analysis of the labour market issues being faced in the Moree Plains, and providing recommendations to address these issues.

Capital Expenditure Analysis for Gwydir Circular Economy

Client: Gwydir Shire Council
Year: 2017

Conducted a Capital Expenditure Review of Gwydir Council’s evaluation of the proposed Circular Economy project is consistent to the NSW Government Department of Premier and Cabinet Division of Local Government guidelines (2010). Major components of the Circular Economy project involved a 20ha glasshouse facility, poultry cluster and bioenergy plant and was valued at $37M.

The review also considered the merits, benefits and resource allocation of the project.

The review scope included:

  • Examine the project business case including:
    • Project’s alignment with council plans and community expectations.
    • Examine the financial implications for council, including capital and operating costs.
    • Identify wider community benefits.
    • Review analysis assumptions.
    • Analyse potential risk.
    • Discuss governance models.
    • Consult on unique selling proposition.
  • Examine the capacity of council to engage in/manage the project;
  • Investigate public consultation for the project;
  • What are the alternatives to the project?

Apsley Dam Economic Growth Study

Client: Walcha Council
Year: 2017

Analysis regarding the current structure of the Walcha local economy, labour market, industry development and economic impacts of damning Apsley River. The aim was to establish potential water-related economic developments through Walcha’s water supply security and further water-dependent economic development opportunities for the LGA. Economic returns (through gross revenue, gross margins where possible, and regional flow-on effects) per ML of additional water were estimated for several existing and potential new enterprises.

Namoi Investment Prospectus

Client: Namoi Councils Joint Organisation
Year: 2016

Development of an investment prospectus for Namoi Councils (Moree, Warialda, Bingara, Narrabri, Gunnedah, Tamworth, Uralla, Quirindi and Walcha).  Including industry analysis, investment opportunities and relevant contacts.

This document was also produced in Chinese.

Find out more about the Namoi Investment Prospectus and view the document

Other Consultancy Services

Utilising the project management skills of our staff and their industry knowledge, we are able to assist in projects for the economic development of our region in addition to our own initiatives.

Project Officer Support to Council

Client: Tenterfield Shire Council
Year: 2020-21

Provided project officer work, including preparation of Crown Lands Use documentation and general administration.

Research and Support Services for Local Jobs Program

Client: Regional Collab
Year: 2021-22

Provision of data and research services.

Go Digital Moree

Client: Moree Plains Shire Council
Year: 2020

Delivery of customised training and mentorship for Moree Plains businesses to create and extend their online presence through e-commerce development, social media and marketing strategies.

Expert Assistance for Farming Together Program

Client: Southern Cross University
Year: 2019

Provision of expert consultancy services and coordination with program recipients.

Qantas Flight Training Academy Responce

Client: Armidale Regional Council
Year: 2018

Development of a response to Qantas to establish the Qantas Flight Training Academy at Armidale Regional Airport.

Cotton Spinning Plan Business Case

Client: Moree Plains Shire Council
Year: 2017
Assistance in developing the business case.

Grain Processing Facility Business Case Assitance

Client: Moree Plains Shire Council
Year: 2017

Assistance in developing the business case for a Grain Processing Facility.

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