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Week 16 - How to Start an Etsy Shop – Part 2 – Signup

This week I’ll be showing you how to signup and start creating your Etsy Store.

Make sure you check out last week’s post on researching your store and the all important checklist of things you’ll need for the signup process (it’s more than two things!!).

What will be covered in this week’s videos:

  • The signup process
  • Adding your first product as part of the signup (4 videos)
  • Setting up the financial info so you can get paid
  • Navigating the Etsy interface
  • What to update first so that your products can rank more highly (the about me information etc)
  • Editing the shop logo, header and policies
  • How to connect to advanced metric services like Marmalead, so you can see how your products rank and what you can improve.

How long will it take?

There are a total of 10 videos ranging from 5 – 10 minutes duration. Of course, you don’t have to watch them all; but this week has been designed to all work together to walk you through the process and tips to creating your Etsy shop. Take a look at the descriptions and watch the ones that apply to you and skip the rest. In total there are about an hour’s worth of videos in this week’s materials.

Videos 1 – 4 are available in last week’s post. All of the videos work together to build a stronger start to your Etsy store.

Video 5: Signing up to Etsy Part A

In this video, we start the signup process from the very beginning.

Duration: 6:44

Video 6a: Adding a listing part 1

Adding a listing is done over 4 videos below. It includes all of the essentials such as uploading images, keywords, getting the title right, adding in the shipping information etc.

Duration: 12:46

Video 6b: Adding a listing part 2

See description in video 6a above.

Duration: 10:36

Video 6c: Adding a listing part 3

See description in video 6a above. Video is below.

Duration: 8:27

Video 6d: Adding a listing part 4

See description in video 6a above. Video is below.

Duration: 6:46

Video 7: Setting up the Financial Info in Etsy

In order to get paid, you need to make sure you adjust a few settings in your Etsy store. I show you how in the video below.

Duration: 5:28

Video 8: A tour of the Etsy Interface + More

In the video below, I show you around the interface and explain what you should update first, like the About Me information to make sure your products list higher in the search results.

Duration: 12:16

Video 9a: Editing Your Etsy Shop – Logo and Header etc

We start editing your shop, continuing with the things that need to be updated to get your products to rank highly in customer searches, such as your logo and header. See it all in the video below.

Duration: 11:26

Video 9b: Editing Your Etsy Shop Policies

This was much easier than I expected it to be. Most of the shop policies are already pre-filled out, but you need to approve them. Without this step, your products won’t rank as highly in search results.

Duration: 5:18

Video 10: Using Marmalead to see how well your products rank

You can only connect to Marmalead after you have setup your account and store in Etsy. After that, you are shown a veritable paradise of statisitics and ratings about how well your products are setup and how easily they will be found. Marmalead (marmalead.com) also has a great podcast (audio files) where they teach you so much more about Etsy and building your store.

Duration: 9:31

What’s up next week?

How to stay secure in the online world. We will have special guest presenter, Dinah from Dinahmite Management has created a fantastic course titled ‘How to Protect Your Business’ which will help keep you and your business secure.

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