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Bonus: How to Improve Your Communication Skills and Win More Clients

They say ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’. Yes, it’s an obvious cliche, but it’s one for a reason. Building your business is a much slower process if you don’t have other people to help you. If you want to win clients, create a customer network, establish partnerships, or even get publicity for your business, you will have to talk to people. Doing this more effectively can make all the difference between business growth or decline.

This is a special bonus module of the Go Digital Program. Facilitating the material is special guest expert, Holly MacCue of hollymaccue.com, a career coach with a background in brand marketing including 8 years in the FMCG industry (Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods). She has worked on multi-million dollar campaigns for some of the biggest marketing companies in the world. Holly has been featured in major publications such as The Australian, Huffington Post and Marie Claire.

Lucky for us, she’s joining us to share some of her amazing knowledge about communication including understanding your ideal clients, so you can build your business.

People will only spend money with you, if they know, like and trust you. Holly’s training sets you up to understand the communication styles of everyone around you (using the DISC model) including yourself. This is a great way to create WIN-WIN situations with potential clients or customers. It can help in creating sales pitches and in the networking that goes into building your business.

Covered in this module:

  • The Fundamentals: What makes communication effective
  • Simple tricks to set yourself apart attract your ideal clients
  • Learn how to analyse and understand different communication preferences using the DISC model
  • How to use the DISC model to create WIN-WINs in your business and unlock additional revenue streams

Download the pdf workbook, which goes with this Bonus module.

Video 1: What makes Communication Effective

Learn how to make the most of any interaction to grow your business. Communication is more than just I speak and you understand. Holly describes the process of ‘encoding’ and how a whole range of factors go into how we ‘think we know’ what someone means.

Duration: 17:34

Video 2: Simple Tricks to Attract Your Dream Clients

Learn some simple and effective ways to attract clients to your business by learning aspects of mirroring and matching, not just body language but words and tone of voice.

Duration: 23:04

Video 3: Introducing the DISC Model for Communication

The DISC model is used worldwide and in 75% of Fortune 500 companies. It is a method for analysing the communication preferences of anyone you interact with, allowing you to be more comfortable in business meetings and sales calls, as well as a wide range of situations.

Duration: 27:36

Video 4: How to use DISC to create WIN-WINs in your business and unlock additional revenue

Holly explains how to use the knowledge of the different communication styles in business. Especially how to sell to the different quadrants in the model.

Duration: 14:22

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