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Please note that this Go Digital course content was developed in 2017 and therefore should be used as a guide only as the referenced online services may have changed over time.

Week 17 - Online Security for Your Business

Online security and protecting your business while trading online is the subject of this week’s Go Digital Instalment.

Our special guest instructor, Dinah Watson of Dinahmite Management, has designed it to help you:

  • understand the risks you may face online, and
  • give you some hints, tips & strategies on how to reduce those risks.

The course is broken down into four units:

  • Computer Security
  • Password Encryption
  • Online Tools
  • Virtual Private Networks

How long will it take?

There are a total of 8 videos ranging from 8 – 10 minutes duration. Of course, you don’t have to watch them all; but this week has been designed to all work together to give you an overview of how to stay secure when you are online. Take a look at the descriptions and watch the ones that apply to you and skip the rest. In total there are about an hour’s worth of videos in this week’s materials.

Introduction – How to Protect Your Business

In the video below Dinah gives a brief introduction to the course.

Duration: 2:23 minutes

Unit 1 – Computer Security Overview

This video is an overview of computer security and it looks at all things related to your actual computer.

Duration: 12:39 minutes

Unit 2 Part 1 – Password Encryption

Dinah gives an overview of password encryption. What is it and why it is important to protect your passwords for online security. Password encryption software can also help you with the age old issue of remembering all of your passwords.

Duration: 11:39 minutes

Unit 2 Part 2 – Installing LastPass (Password Encryption Software)

A practical guide in how to set up Dinah’s preferred password encryption software, LastPass to ensure your online security.

Duration: 13:18 minutes

Unit 3 Part 1 – Online Tools for Online Security

Did you know that you can use a range of tools to protect you while browsing the internet. Dinah explains more in the video below.

Duration: 7:06 minutes

Unit 3 Part 2 – Installing 2 Browser Tools for additional Online Security

Dinah demonstrates how to install two different browser tools (extensions) to the Chrome browser.

Duration: 8:13 minutes

Unit 4  – Installing a Virtual Private Network

Another way to protect yourself is using a virtual private network for a range of online tasks. Dinah explains, what it is and why it will be beneficial for your website.

Duration: 9:33 minutes

Unit 4 Part 1 – How to use and Instal a Virtual Private Network.

Following on from the last video, Dinah demonstrates step by step how to instal a Virtual Private Network.

Duration: 8:42 minutes

What’s up next week?

It’s all about photography from Tiff next week. First, how to take better product photos and I use a smartphone in the demonstration (so don’t feel like you need an expensive camera). Second, how to source better photos for your website from the internet. I also talk about licensing and making sure you don’t violate copyright etc.

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