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Australian Communications Consumer Action Network - 2023 Grants Round

ClosedGrant Closed: 24th of February 2023 - 5:00 pm Value: Up to $100,000 Run By: ACCAN Further Information: https://accan.org.au/grants/grants-program-overview

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) is Australia’s peak body for communications consumers. Their vision is for communications services that are trusted, inclusive, accessible and available for all.
Their work covers emerging consumer and technology issues and aims to inspire, inform and enable consumers to act in their own interests.

The ACCAN Grants Program is administered as part of their funding agreement with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts (the Department), to fund projects that help achieve their aim. The Program funds projects that address issues for communications consumers in Australia.

Applicants need to demonstrate how their project improves communications products or services for Australians, and that it aligns with ACCAN’s Strategic Plan. Projects may address the needs of large numbers of consumers, or significant needs of smaller numbers of consumers, or both.

Communications can relate to telecommunications, the internet, broadcasting, electronic media and new or emerging communications technologies. A communications consumer includes individuals or small businesses. Projects can examine consumer behaviours, attitudes or skills with communications products and services. Projects may seek to influence communications practices, policy or regulation.

Crucially, to be eligible under the Program, applications must demonstrate communications outcomes. If the main change you are seeking is outside of the communications sector (e.g., if you are seeking to improve health outcomes), then your project may be out of scope for an ACCAN grant.

The Program funds consumer-focused research, education or representation. Projects may include one or more of these approaches in their work.

Research: research into the social, economic, environmental or technological effects, experiences and implications of communications for consumers. These projects need to demonstrate appropriate methodologies and document a particular communications consumer issue or experience. Outputs can include, for example, data sets, research reports and articles. Projects which are predominantly research will be assessed under the Research Stream.

Education: These projects might include developing consumer education tools, conducting workshops or peer education initiatives to address systemic or emerging communications consumer issues. Education may be on topics such as billing issues, how to make a complaint about phone or internet services, consumer rights in relation to communications services, or digital literacy. Projects aim to empower consumers and communities to act in their own interests in relation to communications issues. Projects which are predominantly community education will be assessed under the Education & Representation Stream.

Representation: These projects undertake advocacy or representation of the interests of consumers in relation to communications issues. They might involve action such as developing specific submissions, participating in regulatory reviews or knowledge sharing to develop capacity to advocate on consumer issues. Projects that fall under this category can be directed, for example, towards regulatory bodies, industry or consumers themselves. Projects which are predominantly representational will be assessed under the Education & Representation Stream.

Last Updated: 12th of February 2023
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