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Ninganah No More Aboriginal Languages Program

ClosedGrant Closed: 1st of November 2023 Value: Up to $100,000 Run By: NSW Government Department of Education Further Information: https://education.nsw.gov.au/early-childhood-education/operating-an-early-childhood-education-service/grants-and-funded-programs/ninganah-no-more

The Ninganah No More (NNM) Aboriginal language program aims to increase the level of Aboriginal languages being taught in early childhood services across NSW. The teaching of languages in ECE settings not only promotes language acquisition among children, but also underlines the importance of older language speakers who act as teachers and mentors in language. Supporting language teaching in early childhood therefore supports broader language revitalisation objectives.

The teaching of Aboriginal languages also provides an opportunity for Aboriginal culture and identity to be developed and nurtured in the earliest stage of formal education across NSW. Language is critical to the transmission of culture as it is through language that key cultural concepts are known, understood and transmitted across populations and generations. Language teaching at ECE services can also have a positive impact on broader culture and identity aspirations of Aboriginal peoples in NSW, and when delivered in ECE services it can make that level of education more appealing to First Nations parents.

The Department of Education has introduced a three-category grant structure to reflect the differing needs of ECE services and the communities which they operate in. The following grant amounts are available:

  • Reawaken - Up to $20,000 for 1-20 aboriginal children to learn up to 20 words with a minimum of 1 hour of lessons per week
  • Grow - $20,000 to $50,000 for 20+ aboriginal children to learn up to 50 words with a minimum of 2 hours of lessons per week
  • Nurture - $50,000 to $100,000 for 30+ aboriginal children to learn up to 100 words with a minimum of 3 hours of lessons per week
Last Updated: 12th of April 2023
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