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Fostering Integration Grants (FIGs) - 2022

ClosedGrant Closed: 14th of June 2022 - 9:00 pm Value: $15,000 to $100,000 Run By: Australian Government Department of Home Affairs Further Information: https://www.grants.gov.au/Go/Show?GoUuid=110a2a61-e878-4f49-b357-fdfe39b729d0

This grant opportunity is for the Fostering Integration Grants (FIGs). The underlying principles of the FIGs are to:

  • assist migrants to integrate into Australian social, economic and civic life
  • support small culturally diverse community organisations and groups in Australia that provide cultural activities, and community programs and events
  • build upon Australia’s multicultural success with a particular focus on building social cohesion.

The objective of the grant opportunity is to facilitate the participation, integration and social cohesion of both newly arrived migrants and multicultural communities in Australia by:

  • encouraging the social and economic participation of migrants by developing skills and cultural competencies to integrate into Australian social, economic and civic life, and build community resilience
  • promoting and encouraging the uptake of Australian values and liberal democracy and amplifying the value of Australian citizenship
  • promoting a greater understanding and acceptance of Australia’s inclusive national identity and multicultural and multi-faith diversity
  • addressing issues within Australian communities that show potential for, or early signs of, low social integration.

The intended outcome of the grant opportunity is to contribute to an integrated and cohesive multicultural Australia where migrants:

  • actively participate in Australian society through work, school, sport or other community activities
  • embrace Australian values and abide by Australian laws
  • have capacity to communicate in English, the national language of Australia
  • are gainfully employed
  • are resilient in times of crisis
  • have social networks that cross ethnic and religious groups
  • are welcomed and supported by the broader Australian community.

Activities can include all Australian citizens and residents who contribute to maintaining social cohesion and defining our national identity.

Last Updated: 29th of May 2022
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