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COVID-19 Community Connection and Wellbeing Program - Small Scale Projects

ClosedGrant Closed: 2nd of May 2022 Value: $1,000 to $10,000 Run By: Resilience NSW Further Information: https://www.nsw.gov.au/grants-and-funding/pathway-3-grants

This recovery package aims to support local community wellbeing events and promote the building of resilience and capability within communities to sustain long-term wellbeing.

The program objectives and priority strategies of Pathway 3 are to:

  • provide opportunities for communities affected by COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns to improve and promote individual and collective wellbeing at a local or regional level
  • strengthen local networks and social connections that support the longer-term wellbeing and resilience of communities
  • fund initiatives and events that enhance
    • community resilience
    • capacity to foster and maintain wellbeing and social connectedness of individuals and communities.

The program encourages applications for different approaches to enhancing social connectedness in local communities as well as building the capacity of individuals, families and communities to maintain their wellbeing in the future. Funded programs can focus on a range of activities to reflect the diversity of needs in their local community.

Pathway 3 grants are one of three pathways of grants offered in this program. Each pathway is based on the size of the project.

Examples of eligible projects include:

  • community events and social activities to support community recovery and capacity building
  • recreational programs to improve wellbeing, strengthen community engagement and connectedness
  • cultural and community connection programs and activities
  • programs to support the connection and wellbeing of highly impacted community segments
  • peer support programs, mentoring and training
  • partnerships between agencies to deliver programs and activities.

Preference will be given to programs of events, or events that target priority groups with a means of sustaining and maintaining social connectedness.

The following applicants are eligible for funding:

  • charitable and not-for-profit organisations
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisations
  • unincorporated community groups auspiced by an organisation eligible to apply in its own right.

Funding is not available to:

  • unincorporated community groups not auspiced by an organisation that is eligible to apply in its own right
  • individuals
  • organisations or businesses that may, or will, realise a commercial gain from the project
  • local councils or joint organisations of councils
Last Updated: 24th of April 2022
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