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Regional Australia Microgrid Pilots Program

Grant Closes: 19th of December 2025 or until expended Value: $1 Million to $5 Million Run By: Australian Government: Australian Renewable Energy Agency Further Information: https://arena.gov.au/funding/regional-australia-microgrid-pilots-ramp/

The Regional Australia Microgrid Pilots Program (the Program) aims to support pilot projects for microgrids in Regional Australia that:

  • Have demonstrated Project viability through a Feasibility Study.
  • Include the deployment of equipment and technology solutions that enable the coordinated use of distributed renewable energy technologies and the microgrid demonstration.
  • Demonstrate improved resilience and reliability of microgrids in regional areas; and
  • Demonstrate capability of resolving one or more of the remaining barriers to final investment and full deployment of microgrid solutions.

For the purposes of the Program the term microgrid is used to include the following technical configurations:

  • Embedded Microgrid: An electricity supply arrangement that coordinates and optimises the use of connected, locationally proximate distributed energy resources (DER) to provide secure and reliable electricity within the microgrid and is able to provide value to the major grid. This could include energy market participation, provision of system flexibility, systems services and deferral of network investment.
  • Standalone Power Systems (SAPS): An electricity supply arrangement that can demonstrate temporary or permanent operation when not physically connected to a major grid. SAPS encompasses supply to single and multiple customers. Where:
    • customers, currently connected to a major grid, can move to a SAPS, or
    • a SAPS is installed rather than a new grid connection.
  • Remote Isolated Microgrid: An electricity supply arrangement that already operates as an isolated SAPS and will continue to do so. These systems are often in very remote locations and managed by State Government owned corporations.
Last Updated: 6th of September 2023
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