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March 2019 Newsletter

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Welcome from the Chair

Dear Northern Inlanders,

Welcome to another full edition of our newsletter.

This month we were excited to be advised of two grants for Armidale Regional Council, $6 Million for the Armidale Regional Airport Business Park and their Safety and Security Project. Our staff members, Nathan, David and James did brilliant work on the applications for these projects, and we are pleased that the hard work has created a positive outcome. You can read more about both projects, and the work we did on them below.

The funding recipients for round three of the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund were also announced this week. Over $5 Million will be distributed to a range of infrastructure and community projects in the Northern Inland. Details of each of the successful projects are below.

It is fantastic to see some of the innovative ideas in our region being recognised and backed with funding so that they can make a positive impact on our region. Remember that we can assist with writing grant applications and provide supporting data for Local Councils, businesses and community groups, just give our friendly staff a call or email us at rdani@rdani.org.au. Also remember to subscribe to our two monthly grants newsletters to stay up-to-date on the opportunities that are available through left hand side of our website.


Russell Stewart

Helping to Bring Another $6.5 Million of Funding into Our Region

Anyone who has sat down to complete an application for a grant will know how much work and information is required to complete the form, let alone knowing how to write an application that is successful. Recently, we worked with Armidale Regional Council on two grant applications which resulted in the approval of almost $6.5 Million of grant funding for their Armidale Regional Airport Business Park and their Safety and Security project. These two grant applications demonstrate the range of information that our team can collate for Councils, businesses and community groups to successfully apply for grant funding. Our newest team member, Project Officer James Pryor, worked extensively on these grant applications alongside our Executive Director, Nathan Axelsson and Senior Project Officer, David Thompson and staff of Armidale Regional Council. James, who recently completed his Bachelor of Economics with First Class Honours, has hit the ground running and we are now able to help bring even more funding into our region.

What We Offer
For projects like these, we can provide a wealth of local knowledge and strong relationships with all levels of Government, community groups and local businesses. This allows our work to be more specifically targeted and accurate in the details for local projects, knowledge that cannot be replicated by consulting firms that are outside our region. Our extensive work with all three levels of government also allows us to provide economic analysis that is closely aligned with the methodologies used by the Australian and NSW Government departments when grant applications are being assessed. This provides a greater certainty in the application process and improves the chances of a positive outcome.

Due to our wide range of skills, we are a one-stop-shop for grant application assistance. We have experience in producing business cases, cash flow analysis, addressing merit criteria effectively, and project planning, including milestones, collating quotations and creating budgets. We can assess the governance capacity of applicants, and provide risk identification, mitigation and management strategies for applications. These skills, along with the ability to address merit criteria effectively, ensure the project is aligned to Government Strategic Plans and the specific grant outcomes; all which are key to successful applications.

The Armidale Regional Airport Business Park
The Armidale Regional Airport Business Park will provide 72 industrial and commercial lots adjacent to the airport and will generate over 200 new jobs. Our work on the funding application included creating a Business Case and a linked datasheet which included analysis of the fifteen businesses that are already interested in moving into the business park. By collating data from our economics and industry software, REMPLAN and IBISWorld, along with our local knowledge, we were able to demonstrate the direct and indirect impact that the project is expected to have on the local economy. This includes estimates on economic value-add and flow-on effects that the project generates to demonstrate the importance of the project.

Armidale Regional Council’s Safety and Security Project
The Safety and Security project will see the installation of lighting and new Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras around crime 'hot-spots' of Armidale and Guyra and upgrade existing outdated security monitoring room equipment at the local police station. Our role included a wide range of activities to help develop the project and apply for the funding. This included analysing crime statistics and hot spot research, locations and the types of crimes being committed, how the CCTV systems would impact these crimes, and the ability to use the footage as evidence in court. We also provided evidence on how security lighting acts as a deterrent to crime and invokes community sentiment and sense of security. Utilising Google maps, and analysis of the data from our research, feedback from local police and equipment specifications, we mapped out the best locations for the CCTV and lighting to be located to benefit the communities of Armidale and Guyra while also benefiting Government assets and services.

How We Can Help
Round four of the Australian Government’s Safer Communities Fund opens shortly. If you are interested in installing security and safety equipment for your community or have another grant application you want to submit, we have the research and skills that can help you get your project over the line, contact us on 02 6771 0700 or rdani@rdani.org.au to find out how we can help. You can find out more about our Research and Consultancy Services or find out about grants that are currently available on the Grants and Funding Opportunities on our website. While our research and consulting services are free for small community groups, we do charge a minimal fee for Local Government and larger organisations. We are able to provide our services at a subsidised rate due to support and funding from the Australian Government.

An Electric Future for Vehicles in Australia’s Regions

For many years, the vehicle market has been dominated by internal combustion engines, but we are now commencing a significant transition to electric motors, batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, not only for passenger vehicles, but also planes, trucks and public transport, even James Bond is embracing the technology. These technologies offer vehicles that are cleaner, quieter and cheaper to operate. This move to electric vehicles is a key part of the four ‘ACES’ mega-trends in transport, which is made up of Automation, Connectivity, Electrification and Sharing.

Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable for businesses, government and individuals alike, with this technology expected to reach parity with their internal combustion counterparts in the mid-2020s for smaller passenger cars and the late 2020’s for SUVs. As well as their environmental benefits, these vehicles have lower fuel costs, with charging costs being only 25-35% of equivalent fuel costs and lower maintenance costs. The cost of living savings this will create will flow to households, businesses and the wider community.

As at September 2018, there were 1,700 batter electric vehicles and 28,000 petrol-electric hybrid vehicles registered in New South Wales. There were also 390 public charging points in New South Wales and the number is growing steadily as commercial charging providers are installing points on major roads and highways. ARENA predicts electric vehicles will make up all new vehicle sales by the mid 2040s, demonstrating the need to be ready to make the most of the opportunities this new industry will present our communities.

The New South Wales Government indicates in the NSW Electric And Hybrid Vehicle Plan that they will be working with councils, communities and commercial partners to co-invest in fast chargers on major regional routes and destinations where charging points are less likely to be installed on a fully commercial basis. By doing so, they aim to help regional residents and businesses to share in the cost savings and other benefits of electric vehicles.

The Cities Power Partnership, Australia’s largest local government climate network, recently studied the role that Local Councils can play in the electric vehicle industry. Eighty-two percent of the Local Councils that responded to their survey indicated that electric vehicles could help them reduce council emissions, and they wanted to lead their communities to make the shift to electric motoring. Based on the feedback from these surveys, the Cities Power Partnership looking to make the transition for Local Councils easier by organising group purchasing of electric vehicles and developing educational materials for charging infrastructure and procurement practices. ARENA has provided funding to the Cities Power Partnership to increase its work with councils.

The NSW Government is seeking to partner with industry and researchers to better understand the benefits, requirements, performance and what electric vehicles will mean for our transport and road networks. If you are interested in collaborating with the NSW Government in this sector, you can contact them by email at : electricvehicles@transport.nsw.gov.au

Over $5 Million in Grants to Help Build Our Region

Communities in the Northern Inland will benefit from over $5 Million in grants under round three of the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund that were announced this week.

Infrastructure Projects Stream

Armajun Health Service Aboriginal Corporation - Armajun Aboriginal Health Service - new Service Centre ($2.35M)
The project involves the construction of a purpose built Health Service on land owned by Armajun Aboriginal Health Service. The location of the new building is adjacent to the existing rented premises in the CBD of the town of Inverell, NSW. Project capital works will include: - Culturally safe and welcoming building and reception areas - Treatment and Consultation rooms for resident GPs and visiting allied health and health specialists - Group work & Community Meeting rooms - Disabled access including toilet facilities - On site Gym - On site pathology collection centre - Interviewing/counselling rooms - Staff offices and staff room - Secure staff and visiting parking including covered parking for service vehicles/buses - Children s area

Glen Innes Severn Council - Glen Innes Regional Netball Facility ($1.27M)
The Project is the construction of a new, compliant, two court indoor stadium to facilitate the growth of netball in Glen Innes and the surrounding region, and which will also have the capability to accommodate other sporting, recreation and community uses through co-location and shared use of facilities. The Project responds to identified needs across a range of sporting and recreation uses, and will benefit people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities by making Glen Innes residents more active, more often.

Tamworth Regional Council - Tamworth Tennis Centre Redevelopment ($1.4M)
This project will result in the redevelopment and improvement of community and competition tennis facilities for the Tamworth Region including nine improved championship standard acrylic hard courts; four championship standard sand-filled artificial grass courts; community play space; event standard court lighting and fencing to all courts; spectator viewing areas and sun shade structures; improved amenities; storage, office and community meeting space.

Community Investments Stream

Arts North West - Art Connections: Opening Creative Journeys ($20,000)
The project will deliver the two day North West Arts Trail event in the New England North West region of NSW, including professional development workshops for arts and culture businesses.

Centacare New England North West - Family Services Conference ($20,000)
The project will host a once off event that will aim to inform regional, rural and remote services to upskill, network and develop opportunities, based on the latest information regarding all areas of family work.

Glenrac Incorporated - New England Local Landcare Leaders ($90,737)
The project will deliver a Regional Leadership Program to develop a network of leaders involved in agriculture and natural resource management. The leaders will build community awareness and understanding of the importance of managing natural resources to produce social and economic dividends for the wider region.

Gunnedah Shire Council - Gunnedah Hay and Harvest Festival ($17,000)
This project will organise a Harvest Festival on the banks of Namoi River in Gunnedah in March 2020.

Assistance to Help Businesses Reduce Energy Costs

In late 2016, we conducted an energy assessment of businesses in the Northern Inland region. This study highlighted that although energy costs are not a large proportion of total business operating costs, making up 1-15% of operating costs, energy costs were still substantial in many businesses. In 2016, businesses in the region spent over $410 Million annually on energy alone. Clearly reducing energy costs is a step towards improving business competitiveness and regional economic development. The report provides a number of has a number of charts and decision-making diagrams to help a business through the steps they can take to reduce their energy costs.

The NSW Government recently announced funding to help manufacturing businesses (including cotton gins) to reduce their gas and electricity consumption. This funding can provide up to $120,000 of matched funding per site to implement projects that will help reduce their consumption through:

  • upgrading energy monitoring systems
  • Replacing or retrofitting old, inefficient equipment
  • Installing new energy efficient equipment
  • Improving manufacturing processes

Applications close at 5pm (AEST) on the 30th of June 2019 and further information on the Manufacturing Efficiency Funding webpage.

There are also a range of other energy efficiency programs available through the NSW Government, including online courses, seminars and face-to-face training, and other discounts and subsidies.

Featured Grants and Funding Opportunities

Below are some featured grants and funding opportunities from around 75 open grants listed in the Grants and Funding Opportunities area of our website. Our website is updated weekly with new listings and updates and all are applicable to our region, so it is a great resource if you are looking for funding for a specific project.

You can also sign up to our Business and Infrastructure Funding Opportunities and the Community Grants and Award Programs newsletters through the simple form located on the left-hand side of our website: www.rdani.org.au, to receive monthly summaries of currently open grants.

Safer Communities Fund Round 4
Opens: 19th of March 2019
Closes: 4th of April 2019 5:00 pm AEDT
Value: $1.5 Million
Run By: Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
The Safer Communities Fund Round 4 provides schools and pre-schools, community organisations and local councils with grants of between $50,000 and $1.5 million for security infrastructure and engagement activities to protect children in the community who are at risk of attack, harassment or violence stemming from racial or religious intolerance.

Project activities can include:

  • Infrastructure activities such as installing:
    • fixed or mobile CCTV cameras
    • security lighting
    • fencing
    • bollards
    • security and alarm systems
    • public address systems
    • intercoms and swipe access
  • Employing or hiring security guards, licensed by the relevant state or territory agency, for schools and preschools.
  • Engagement activities such as:
    • social cohesion projects that reduce the chance of children being attacked or harassed due to racial or religious intolerance
    • community and youth engagement forums targeted at people at risk of offending to reduce security risks stemming from racial or religious intolerance
    • training for staff at organisations who work with children with the aim of reducing racial or religious intolerance
    • other preventative activities that can demonstrate a reduction in the chance of children being attacked or harassed due to racial or religious intolerance.

Regional Community Energy Fund
Closes: 3rd of May 2019
Value: Up to $3.5 Million matched per project
Run By: NSW Government Department of Planning and Environment

The program is designed to improve the reliability and affordability of energy for regional NSW communities. It consists of three initiatives:

1. Regional Community Energy Fund providing grants towards community energy projects that create innovative and/or dispatchable renewable energy capacity that benefits the local community.

2. Regional Community Energy Hubs improving access to expert energy advice to reduce bills for households and small businesses.

3. Grants for regional and remote communities installing emergency backup systems for key evacuation locations, such as a town hall, to improve resilience and reduce energy costs during regular operations

Regional Employment Trials Program
Closing date: 30th of June 2020
Value: $7,500 to $200,000
Run By: Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business

The Northern Inland is one of only ten regions across Australia to be selected for the Regional Employment Trials Program. The Regional Employment Trials program provides local stakeholders in selected regions, including businesses, not-for-profits and local government agencies, with grants to trial local approaches to delivering employment related projects.

The objectives of the program are to deliver:

  • strong connections between regional stakeholders, including employment services providers
  • employment initiatives that meet local needs
  • improved awareness of local labour markets
  • the potential for improved regional employment outcomes

Grants are for between $7,500 and $200,000, for up to 75% of eligible project costs. Projects must be completed by 30 June 2020.

What's On in the Northern Inland

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Wednesday 20th to Thursday 21st of March 2019

A Taste of Harmony
Thursday 21st of March

Antiques & Collectables Fair
Friday the 22nd of March

New England Bikers Pig ‘n Pines Run 2019
Friday 22nd to Sundey 24th of March
Spring Ridge

Walcha Agricultural Show
Friday 22nd to Saturday 23rd of March 2019

Manilla Show
Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th of March

Travelling Film Festival
Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th of March

Back to Moree Reunion
Saturday 23rd of March

2019 Collectables Fair and Werris Creek Lion’s Club Market
Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th of March
Werris Creek

90th Anniversary of Uniting Church Pipe Organ
Sunday 24th of March

42nd Rotary Club of Uralla Art Exhibition
Friday the 29th to Sunday 7th of April 2019

Seasons of New England
Saturday the 30th of March

Dessert on Dusk
Saturday 30th of March

Seniors Festival
Sunday 31st of March to Saturday 6th of April

Oracles of the Bush
Friday 5th to Sunday 7th of April

Colour New England Arts Festival
Saturday the 6th of April

Narrabri Fish Farm Field Day
Saturday 6th of April

Tenterfield Railway Markets
Saturday 6th of April

Hartwood Campfires and Country Music
Monday 8th to Tuesday 23rd of April
Between Coolah and Gunnedah

Country Music Muster
Wednesday 9th of April to Sunday 14th of April

National Youth Week
Wednesday 10th to Thursday 18th of April

Easter Egg Hunt
Thursday 11th of April

Tour de Rocks
Thursday 11th of April 2019

Get Out of Your Garage - For Local Emerging Talent
Friday the 12th of April

Inverell Motorcycle Restorers Club Annual Rally
Friday 12th to Sunday 14th of April

Bobby Jack's Festival
Saturday the 13th of April

Show and Shine Car Show
Saturday13th to Sunday 14th of April

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