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Driving regional NSW ‐ blueprint unveiled

Regional Development Australia Northern Inland (RDANI) has today unveiled its Regional Plan aimed at putting Northern Inland NSW on the map.

RDANI Chairman Mal Peters says the Regional Plan has been developed after extensive local community consultations and research that identified where Northern Inland NSW needs to improve services and grow, in order to retain and attract new residents and businesses.

“We want people to choose Northern Inland NSW as a great place to work and live, and this plan sets a path to improve the services and facilities our region can offer,” Mr Peters said

“We need to make sure our area has plenty of jobs and community facilities equivalent to Australia’s best; such as health, education and transport and a vibrant included Aboriginal community.

“Regional Development Australia Northern Inland aims to achieve these goals working in collaboration with
governments and existing community groups in the region over the next 2 years and beyond in unfolding its Regional Plan. This document is not about the problems we have, but provides the solutions to governments and regional groups to help drive our region forward,” Mr Peters said. The Regional Plan identifies six key areas to move forward and improve northern NSW. These are:

• Regeneration of regional communities;
• Value Adding Enterprise Clusters;
• Integrated and improved health care;
• Investment in Infrastructure and Education;
• Re‐engaging Aboriginal communities; and
• Environmental achievement.

“Both State and Commonwealth Governments will use the plan to help determine funding allocation into the region,” Mr Peters said. According to Mr Peters, all levels of government must work cohesively towards policy which seeks to reverse centralist thinking and promote regional Australia as the great place to work and live

that it is.

“Sydney is combating overcrowding and over development. In the country we are seeking more population, more jobs and more development. There is a great opportunity for all levels of government to collaborate for the win‐win situations,” Mr Peters said.

“I am very confident that this comprehensive, well researched Regional Plan will provide a strong foundation for
Northern Inland NSW, so we can boast all the services and facilities everyone desires,” Mr Peters concluded.

The RDANI Regional Plan is available for download and comment on their website at www.rdani.org.au.

The RDANI area takes in 13 local Government areas in Northern Inland NSW. RDANI is a partnership between Australian, NSW State, and local governments. Our committee is made up of local leaders who volunteer their time to work with government, business and community groups to deliver better services to our region.

Media Contact: Mal Peters Ph: 0400 072558.

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