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Traffic Route Lighting Subsidy Grant Closes: Ongoing Value: Undisclosed Run By: Transport for NSW Further Information: https://roads-waterways.transport.nsw.gov.au/business-industry/partners-suppliers/traffic-management/local-councils/traffic-route-lighting.html

The Traffic Route Lighting Subsidy Scheme (TRLSS) is a scheme administered by Roads and Maritime Services whereby councils may apply for a subsidy for providing a higher level of lighting than might normally be provided on certain major routes, with the aim of decreasing night time road crashes. The amount of the subsidy depends on the number of certain types of inventory installed as detailed by each council.

Last Updated: 9th of November 2022
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Transport Access Regional Partnerships (TARP) Grants Grant Opened: 1st of July 2022 Closes: 30th of May 2023 or until expended Value: Unspecified Run By: Transport for NSW Further Information: https://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/operations/community-transport-operators/transport-access-regional-partnerships-tarp-grants-program

The Transport Access Regional Partnerships (TARP) Grants Program has small scale funding available to support initiatives to improve services and outcomes for sections of the community that need improved transport.

TARP provides funding for people who are affected by specific circumstances that leave them with limited or no access to private transport. The program supports initiatives to improve services and outcomes for transport disadvantaged groups in rural and regional community.

If you find a gap in services to a community or a group of people, contact your local Senior Manager who can provide information about alternative services that may solve the problem. If no alternative service exists, the project or initiative may fit the TARP program funding.

The following is considered when deciding whether or not an initiative will be included in the TARP program:

  • Funding for projects is available on a trial or ‘seeding’ basis i.e. recurrent funding is not available through this program.
  • In most cases, funded projects will need to demonstrate they can become self-sustaining.
  • Projects should aim to make better use of existing transport resources.
  • Consideration will be given to projects that provide information, transport related capacity building, subsidies or trial services.
  • The program cannot fund the purchase of vehicles.

All Local Government Areas in the Northern Inland are eligible. Partnerships with other organisations are encouraged - for example initiatives that include state agencies, local councils, transport operators and/or community organisations.

Eligible organisations include:

  • non-profit community based organisations
  • incorporated associations
  • local councils
  • statutory agencies
  • current Australian Business Number (ABN) holders
Last Updated: 31st of May 2022
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Local Government Road Safety Program Grant Closes: Ongoing Value: Unspecified Run By: Transport for NSW Further Information: https://roads-waterways.transport.nsw.gov.au/business-industry/partners-suppliers/lgr/grant-programs/local-government-road-safety-program.html

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) works in partnership with local councils to co-fund Safety Officer (RSO) positions and contribute funding to LGRSP projects targeting road safety issues at a local level.
The objectives of the LGRSP are:

  • Raise the profile of road safety within local government areas (LGAs)
  • Create a road safety culture within the local community
  • Consult with internal council stakeholders, in particular through the Local Traffic Committee and relevant local businesses, other government agencies and community organisations, which is integral to the delivery of effective road safety initiatives.
  • Deliver regional, state and national road safety initiatives within the local context
  • Develop, implement and evaluate evidence-based projects aimed at influencing behaviour to improve road safety in local communities
  • Promote, encourage and support the adoption the ‘Safe System’ approach to road safety and integrate this within the strategic planning framework for local councils i.e work with engineers to promote safe system initiatives and treatments
  • Facilitate the involvement of local businesses, other government agencies and community groups/clubs in community road safety

Co-funding is available for approved councils to:

  • Employ an RSO (see Section 6) whose tasks will include applying for road safety project funding (up to the amount approved by TfNSW)
  • Support road safety projects (see Section 5) to address identified road safety issues in the LGA (up to the amount approved by TfNSW).

The Local Government Road Safety Program provides:

  • Professional support for local councils to address local road safety issues
  • Funding to support a dedicated behavioural road safety role to your LGA
  • Project funding for behavioural and safer system road safety projects

Councils choosing not to employ an RSO can apply for road safety project funding of up to 50 per cent of the cost of the project. This could include a HR component for the cost of personnel to plan and deliver the project. 

Last Updated: 20th of April 2022
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Boating Infrastructure Emergency Repair Pool (BIERP) Grant Closes: Ongoing Value: Up to $500,000 Run By: Transport for NSW Further Information: https://roads-waterways.transport.nsw.gov.au/maritime/projects/boating-now/#BoatingInfrastructureEmergencyRepairPool(BIERP)

The BIERP provides a funding mechanism for repair or replacement of recreational boating infrastructure that is lost or damaged in natural events such as storms and floods and extends assistance to events such as acts of vandalism, theft or accidental damage.

Funding requests for emergency repairs can be received at any time by completing and submitting the relevant application form and supporting documentation.

Repair or replacement of publicly owned recreational boating facilities may be eligible for funding under the BIERP. These facilities include recreational jetties and wharves, boat ramps, pontoons, pump out facilities, slipways, storage facilities, parking areas and some supporting amenities, provided that the asset owner has appropriately insured and
maintained the asset. Funding for boating infrastructure that is owned by a registered club or voluntary organisation may also be considered, provided that the facility significantly benefits boaters and is publicly accessible.

Last Updated: 18th of January 2022
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Regional Roads REPAIR Program Grant Closes: Ongoing Value: Undisclosed Run By: Transport for NSW Further Information: https://roads-waterways.transport.nsw.gov.au/business-industry/partners-suppliers/lgr/grant-programs/regional-roads-repair-program.html

The REPAIR Program provides funds to assist councils in carrying out larger rehabilitation and development works on regional roads. The aim of the REPAIR Program is to minimise the long term maintenance costs of these roads in line with their function and usage.

Under the REPAIR Program, councils can apply for a 50 per cent contribution from the State Government for specific works. Works must be completed by 30 June in the financial year in which funds were provided.

Works must contribute to at least one of the following:

  • Economic development
  • Integrity of communities
  • Road network efficiency
  • Regional tourism
  • Road safety

The REPAIR Program targets the following types of work in order of priority:

Rural areas

  • Road pavement rehabilitation
  • Sealing shoulders / widening
  • Bridge repairs and replacement
  • Provision of initial seals that contribute to minimising long-term maintenance costs

Urban areas

  • Road pavement rehabilitation and travel lanes
  • Bridge repairs and replacement
  • Development of travel lanes
Last Updated: 17th of January 2022
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