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Recreational Fishing Trusts - Habitat Action Grants Grant Closes: 10th of December 2021 - 5:00 pm Value: Up to $40,000 Run By: NSW Department of Primary Industries Further Information: https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/habitat/rehabilitating/ahr-grants-program

All money raised by the NSW Recreational Fishing Fee paid by recreational fishers is placed into the Recreational Fishing Trusts and spent on improving recreational fishing in NSW.The Habitat Action Grant program is a devolved grant program directing money raised from the NSW Recreational Fishing Fee toward projects that improve local fish habitats across NSW. Rehabilitation of fish habitat provides long-term sustainable benefits for native fish stock and in turn provides substantial benefits for NSW recreational fishers.

Anyone who is interested in rehabilitating fish habitat in NSW can apply for a Habitat Action Grant including individual recreational fishers, fishing clubs  and organisations, educational institutions, councils, community groups, individuals and natural resource managers. Joint applications are also encouraged.

Habitat rehabilitation projects which may be funded include:

  • removal or modification of barriers to fish passage
  • rehabilitation of riparian lands (river banks, wetlands, mangrove forests, saltmarsh)
  • re-snagging waterways with timber structure
  • removal of exotic vegetation from waterways and replace with native species
  • bank stabilisation works

Matching funding is a requirement for funding; however, this does not need to be a cash contribution.

Last Updated: 20th of November 2021
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Dollar for Dollar Native Fish Stocking Program Grant Closes: Ongoing Value: $1,000 to $6,000 Run By: NSW Department of Primary Industries Further Information: https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/resources/stocking/dollar-for-dollar

Aims to enhance recreational freshwater fishing opportunities, to support local communities in the stocking high value native fish species, to assist in the development of regional aquaculture industries and to increase community and industry involvement in, and awareness of responsible stocking.

Under the program, community groups apply to the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust (funded by the recreational fishing licence) for matching funds to purchase native fish from licensed commercial hatcheries for stocking rivers and dams in the Murray Darling system and east of the great divide. Dollar-for-dollar funding is available for Murray Cod and Golden Perch for western drainage stockings and Australian Bass for eastern drainage stockings.

Last Updated: 31st of October 2020
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