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Occupation List for the Northern Inland Region

List for Pathway 1 - Stream A or Stream B

Your occupation must be included on this occupation list to apply under Pathway 1 Stream A or Stream B

There are two lists that you need to check if your occupation is eligible for NSW Nomination:

1. The skill list for NSW Nomination, which is available on the NSW Government's website. This list is determined and managed by the NSW Government, and applies to all NSW regions. It also includes the minimunm points and skilled work experience for the group.

2. The Department of Home Affairs skilled occupation list, to check if your occupation is eligible for the 491 Visa.

Your occupation must be on BOTH of these lists.

The skills list for NSW nomination is at the ANZSCO unit group level, and does not list the individual occupations in the group.

It is important that the skilled occupation on your application to the Northern Inland matches the occupation that is entered into SkillSelect. If these do not match, you cannot be nominated to apply from the NSW Government.


Pathway 1 - Stream B - Minimum Point Scores and Skilled Work Experience Requirement

For the 2022-23 financial year (July 2022 to June 2023), the NSW Government have published new minimum point scores and years of skilled work experience requirements for Pathway 1 - Stream B.

To be eligible for NSW nomination under Stream B, you must meet the minimum point score and minimum years of work experience in your occupation's ANZSCO unit group.

Applicants under Stream A - Established Work History with a Regional NSW-based Employer, do not need to meet these minimum point scores and years of skilled work experience requirements.

The occupation list for NSW nomination is set by the NSW Government.


We cannot answer queries about why an occupation is not on the list or if it will be added.


Regional NSW Study Exemption

You are exempt from the minimum work experience requirement under Pathway 1 if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • Completed study in regional NSW within the most recent 24 months before applying to an RDA office.
  • Your study is related to your nominated (or closely related) occupation.
  • Your study in regional NSW makes you eligible to claim points for study in regional Australia.


How to Tell Your ANZSCO Group From Your Occupation's ANZSCO Code

The first four digits of the ANZSCO code for your occupation are the code for the ANZSCO Group.

For Example:

Occupation ANZSCO Code ANZSCO Group Group Name
Diesel Motor Mechanic 321212 3212 Motor Mechanics
Agricultural Consultant 234111 2341 Agricultural, Fisheries and Forestry Scientists
Chef 351311 3513 Chefs
Nurse (Medical) 254418 2544 Registered Nurses

Ready to Apply?

Find out how on our How To Apply for a 491 Nomination Page.


How the NSW Government Defines 'Skilled Employment'

NSW defines ‘skilled employment’ as employment that is: 

  • after the date you are deemed skilled in your nominated occupation, AND

  • in your nominated (or closely related) occupation, AND 

  • for remuneration of at least 20 hours per week

For NSW nomination, you may only claim skilled employment after the date you have been deemed skilled in your occupation. This date is either: 

  • the date you have been deemed skilled by your skills assessor (if applicable), or 

  • the date you completed your qualifying study 

If you are unsure whether your skills assessment shows the explicit date they have deemed you to be skilled in your occupation, you should contact your skills assessor directly.  

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