RDANI Regional Plan

This Regional Plan is a key document for our RDA Northern Inland NSW (RDANI) committee and staff, and is a comprehensive and living document. As a published plan, available to the community, it aims to identify Northern Inland priorities, support investment attraction and encourage business growth in this region.

Five key streams of information underlie this RDANI Regional Plan: community consultations, demographic research, comprehensive town audits, existing Federal, State and Local Government Plans and key stakeholder plans. These have enabled development of the strategic framework in this RDANI Regional Plan. 

This Plan presents a snapshot of Northern Inland NSW. It describes the region, its attributes, industry and employment base and key advantages. It proposes an economic, environmental and social vision for the region, identifies strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, as well as priorities and strategies for action. 

Strong Regional Plans focus on outcomes that can be delivered for and by regional communities, plus strategies to ensure this. Successful planning depends on working with stakeholders to identify economic, environmental and social factors that define the region, and to this end, RDANI welcomes feedback at any time. Simply email us at rdani@rdani.org.au


DownloadRDANI Regional Plan 2016-2019 (1.5 MB)




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