Viticulture Strategy 2002-2003

The twelve month Viticulture Strategy project developed the "New England North West Viticulture: A Handbook for Investors and Regional Strategy" document. The investment guide and implementation strategy was produced in consultation with the region's grape growers, industry, government, marketing, tourism and educational representatives, all with links to viticulture.


It has been designed especially for current and potential investors, growers, local, state and federal government agencies, tourism organizations, regional and local development groups.


The project saw the development of a strategy document to drive investment in the industry at a regional level, the formation of an active industry based reference group and the identification of a clear path to developing the links between Wine, Food and Tourism as a key economic driver for the regional economy.


Major funding was provided by the NSW Department of State & Regional Development, Department of Transport and Regional Services and the New England North West Area Consultative Committee. The project was also supported by regional councils, Big Sky Country Regional Tourism, Tourism NSW, University of New England as well as other State Government agencies.