Putting Power Back in the Regions

On Friday October 12th, RDANI in conjunction with the University of New England held a Regional Governance Forum in Armidale.  The following speakers/topics were presented:


  • Lessons from the Past and New Regional Governance Models (Dr Helen Swan, Courage Partners);
  • Why Effective Regional Governance Models are Difficult to Implement (Prof. A.J. Brown);
  • What will Local Government and Communities Gain from Change? (Dr Bligh Grant);
  • Problems in Developing Public Policy for Rural Regions (Prof. Tony Sorenson);
  • How do we Achieve Change and What Next? (Prof. Paul Martin);
  • Putting Power Back – A Decentralised Model (Dr Paul Collits).


The speakers presentations are available for download here:

DownloadSpeaker biographies (294 KB)