NBN Coordinator

In conjunction with NSW Trade & Investment and NSW Department of Education & Communities, RDA Northern Inland have engaged NBN Advocate and Telecommunications expert Alun Davies to coordinate and progress several projects in relation to NBN as it is rolled out throughout the region commencing with Armidale and Tamworth.


Projects are designed to demonstrate the practical applications of high-speed broadband for business and residents and include education forums, connecting government and non-government schools, nursing homes, stroke rehabilitation trials, the establishment of demonstration facilites including a Broadband Smart Farm and Broadband Smart Home, as well as developing a digital economy strategy for the region.


In the digital economy, distance—once a defining characteristic and barrier for regional Australia—becomes increasingly irrelevant. The NBN will enable all Australian communities to have greater access to goods, services, education and employment opportunities.


Various presentations and videos are available below which explain the NBN and how it can benefit you.


VIDEO: At home with the NBN



DownloadPRESENTATION - The NBN Explained 1 of 3 (7 MB)