Quick Response Grants


Closing date: Ongoing


Grants of up to $1500 are available to assist projects in any artform to:

  •  support professional development opportunities for artist and artsworkers involved in community programs that will increase their knowledge, skills and experience
  •  support skills and or arts development for individuals and groups in regional communities through the employment of arts and cultural workers to conduct workshops seminars and forums.


IMPORTANT: Funding is primarily available for artist fees and associated costs.


There is no deadline or closing date however there is a limited number of grants of up to $1,500 available. The funds are allocated quarterly and once each quarter's allocation is expended, funds will not be available until the following quarter. Applicants MUST contact the Funding Manager prior to submitting their application to discuss their proposal and check there are funds available.

Find out more at:regionalartsnsw.com.au/grants/qtg/

Poverty and Disadvantage Small Grants Program 2015/16


Closing date: Ongoing


The aims are to:

  •  alleviate the negative effects of poverty and disadvantage;
  •  demonstrate new ideas about how to address poverty and disadvantage;
  •  strengthen communities’ abilities to deal with poverty and disadvantage.


Priority Areas

  • communities experiencing social and economic exclusion with particular emphasis on Indigenous Australians,
  • asylum seekers and refugees, and people living in isolated rural and remote areas of Australia,

    children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who lack the opportunity to improve their wellbeing,

  • small, discrete projects that meet the needs of a community rather than supplementary funding for large projects. A small, discrete project will be considered to have a total budget of up to $50,000.


The Poverty and Disadvantage Small Grants Program accepts applications on an ongoing basis, with no specific closing dates.


For further information, visit:myerfoundation.org.au/grants/poverty-disadvantage/small-grants/

Small Grants


Closing date: Ongoing


  Aims to improve access to justice, particularly for economically and socially disadvantaged people, by supporting selected projects to improve access and decrease barriers to justice, or through research, to identify needs or ways to improve access to justice.


  These are grants of $5,000 or less (excluding GST) and are approved by the Director of the Foundation rather than the Board. Small grants can be applied for at any time and the turnaround from application to decision is generally about four to eight weeks. You will be notified in writing by the Director about whether your application was successful or not.



  The Foundation accepts applications from organisations with an ABN but not from individuals. Preference will be given to applications initiated at the community level or with substantial community input.


Application method: Email or Mail


The clubGrants Scheme


Closing date: Ongoing


  To ensure that larger registered clubs in NSW contribute to the provision of front-line services to their local communities; and to ensure that the disadvantaged in the community are better positioned to benefit from the substantial contributions made by those clubs.


Please note: Category 1 ClubGRANTS funding rounds open early in the new year.  For Category 2 funding requests, please contact your local club directly.


Category 1 funding is available for specific local community priorities such as community welfare and social services, community development, community health services and employment assistance activities.


Category 2 funding is focused on core club activities (such as an RSL supporting veterans welfare) and traditional areas of club expenditure, such as support for sport and recreation groups.


Application method: Online or Mail


Aboriginal Benefits Foundation Grants


Closing date: Ongoing


   The Foundation provides grants to Aboriginal communities and individuals to support projects which advance the aims of the Foundation.


   In view of the limited resources available to the Foundation, priority for funding is being given to the following categories:


   Seeding grants:

  •    to research the relevance and value of new projects that may be ineligible for support from existing agencies
  •    to facilitate schemes or projects of benefit to Aboriginal health, welfare or education which have potential for wider application.


    One-off grants in support of:

  •    health and well being of artists and their families
  •    education through art projects which will benefit health and well being
  •    individuals and communities, with a connection to Aboriginal art and/or artists, to meet special needs


  Grant applications are considered by the Board of the Foundation at each directors meeting. The Board currently meets approximately 6 - 8 times each year.

  In extreme and special circumstances the Board may allocate funds outside these guidelines.


Application method: Mail


Application form:www.aboriginal.org.au/application.pdf

Resilient Australia Awards


Closing date: 9th August, 2015


   The Resilient Australia Awards is a national program to recognise and promote initiatives which strengthen community disaster resilience across the nation.


  The awards are open to everyone—individuals; not for profit organisations; small and large businesses; local, state and territory governments; schools; education institutions; research bodies and emergency service agencies.

  Applications are judged first at the state and territory level, and winners become finalists for the national judging. There is also a photography award for photos that communicate work in disaster resilience.

State and territory awards;


    Resilient Australia Community Award
    - Communities, NGOs, tertiary colleges and universities.
    Resilient Australia Business Award
    - Private sector and business.
    Resilient Australia Government Award
    - Local, state and territory government.
    Resilient Australia School Award
    - Pre-school , primary and secondary schools.
    Resilient Australia Photography Award (People’s Choice Award)
    - Open to individual photographers/copyright holders.


National awards

    - Resilient Australia National Award
    - Resilient Australia School National Award
    - Resilient Australia National Photography Award (Editor’s Choice Award) - the winning photograph will appear on the cover of the Australian Journal of Emergency Management.


Application methods: Online

Website: www.emknowledge.gov.au/connect/resilient-australia-awards

Application: resilient.awardsplatform.com/entry/entrant

NSW Seniors Week Grants


Closing date: 4th September, 2015


   In 2016, one of the main focuses for NSW Seniors Week will be on 'healthy living'. Find out more about the objectives of the 2016 program and some suggested events to assist with your planning.


   Two funding categories are offered to ensure the program is both accessible and relevant to future applicants.


    Tier 1 - up to $1,000 for small-scale community events

    Tier 2 - $1001 – $5,000 for large-scale activities.


   Please be aware that Tier 2 grants must be matched by at least 50% of your organisation's own resources. This matched amount can include sponsorship, cash or in-kind contributions such as venue hire, catering and administration costs, and money spent by your own organisation.


Application method: Online


Google Ad Grants


Closing date: Ongoing

  Google Ad Grants is the nonprofit edition of AdWords, Google's online advertising tool. Google Ad Grants empowers nonprofit organisations, through $10,000 per month in in-kind AdWords™ advertising, to promote their missions and initiatives on Google search result pages.


   Further information is available at: www.google.com.au/grants/

Festivals Australia: Regional Festivals Project Fund

 The Regional Festivals Project Fund supports the inclusion of an arts project at festivals in regional and remote Australia. Grants are available to support the costs to produce and present an arts activity and there is no limit on the amount that can be requested.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to speak with an Australia Council Grants Officer before applying to this fund.

For more information and to apply, visit their website: http://goo.gl/vTp4a6


The Australia Council for the Arts Grant runs a wide range of grants and programs with closing dates from March to December

A range of grants are available ranging from $5,000 to 6 year organistation funding grants.

Further information is available on their website: www.australiacouncil.gov.au/funding/new-grants-model/

Farm Household Allowance

 The Farm Household Allowance (FHA) provides eligible farmers and their partners who are experiencing financial hardship with assistance and support to improve their long-term financial situation.


 Eligible farmers and their partners will be able to access up to three years of payment. This is designed to give farm families time to get back on their feet and the opportunity to take steps to improve their circumstances.


Please go to the Human Services website for further information: www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/farm-household-allowance

NSW Arts & Cultural Development Program

 Applications close: On various dates


  A new arts and cultural development program will be introduced in 2015 to replace the Arts Funding Program. The new Arts and Cultural Development Program (ACDP) will deliver quality arts and cultural experiences to diverse audiences across the State, and support a resilient creative sector.

  The new structure offers arts and cultural organisations the opportunity to progress from project funding to annual program funding, and then on to multi-year funding, depending on their capacity to achieve sustained success.


Read more at: www.arts.nsw.gov.au/index.php/category/funding-and-support/types-of-funding/

Australian Communities Foundation


Closing dates: Ongoing

 Australian Communities Foundation supports a range of charitable organisations and projects each year. The Foundation’s grants are made locally, nationally and internationally through Australian registered charitable organisations. It’s one way our foundation recognises the essential role the not-for-profit sector plays in supporting and building strong and resilient communities as well as assisting those most in need.

 Grants fall broadly into the areas of arts & culture, community development & advocacy, community services & welfare, disability, education, training & employment, environment, health & medical research, overseas aid & development. Specific target groups are also supported, including Indigenous communities and refugee/asylum seekers.

  Further information can be found on their website: www.communityfoundation.org.au

The Propeller Fund

 Closing dates: Ongoing


  Propeller, an initiative from The Foundation for Young Australians, exists to celebrate and enable youth-led social change initiatives in local communities across Australia. Quality short films tell the stories of ordinarily extraordinary young people leading social change projects and are showcased on the Propeller online platform alongside helpful tips and resources.

 Propeller projects are youth-led, have a social or environmental focus, demonstrate local impact and have community networks and support.


 Check out the videos of young people making stuff happen. Get inspired. Copy ideas. Start your own thing. Apply for funding. Be the Propeller.


 Find out more on the Propeller Project website: www.propellerproject.com.au

Funding for Local Rugby League Clubs


Closing date: 12th of August 2015


 The 2015 NSW Footy Facilities Fund is open for applications from local football clubs until 12 August, 2015. It is a joint initiative of the National Rugby League and the State Government and offers funding to improve local clubs' grounds and facilities.


 Additionally, applications can be strengthened by addressing one or more of the following:

  •   improving safety at sport and recreation facilities (e.g. providing safer playing field, access pathways for players, disability ramps)
  •   increase the security at sport and recreation facilities (e.g. installation of fencing)
  •   remove barriers to promote inclusion in Rugby League (e.g. upgrade of amenities to increase female participation, provision of disability access, upgrade of referee amenities)
  •  develop environmentally sustainable sport and recreation facilities (e.g. installation of drainage, rainwater tanks, more efficient lighting)
  •  building strong communities.


 For more information and to apply, visit www.dsr.nsw.gov.au/grants or call 13 13 02