Go Digital

Go-Digital is a short course to introduce business owners to trading online. The free course will involves face to face workshops, online materials, Q&A sessions held by Webinar / teleconference, and ongoing support throughout the six-month period of January to June 2017. Materials are provided in a modular format and participants will have the freedom to select the sections they require, or go through all of the content.


The course walks people through step-by-step video instructions on elements of trading online such as building a simple website, or how to outsource this, how to use social media to attract customers, how to use Etsy, and how to photograph products. The end-goal is to provide businesses with the knowledge and ability to sell their goods and services online through a fully-functioning and easy-to-use e-commerce website.


Regional Development Australia Northern Inland is committed to encouraging growth in the region. The project will provide businesses with additional skills to grow their business and / or create alternative opportunities in a changing marketplace. This project was initially funded by the Murray-Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Programme.


Businesses can: