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Community Funding Opportunities and Award Programs - January 2018

Tuesday 30th of January 2018

Welcome to our new Community Funding Opportunities and Awards Program Newsletter where you will find details of selected grant submissions from around the region for Community Projects and Award Programs.

Due to the number of grants that are available, we will now send two funding opportunities newsletters a month; one for Business and Infrastructure and another for Community Projects and Award Programs, rather than the one combined newsletter.

We wish you all the best with the Funding Opportunities below and if you are looking for a grant between newsletters, have a look at the grants area of our website which is updated weekly: www.rdani.org.au/our-region/grants-and-funding-opportunities.php

If you need some facts and figures for your applications, a range of data for our region is also available on our website here: www.rdani.org.au/our-region/regional-data.php

Featured Grants

Try, Test and Learn Fund
Closes: Ongoing applications until September 2018
Value: $500,000 to $5,000,000
Run By: Department of Social Services

Using insights from the Australian Priority Investment Approach to Welfare, the $96.1 million Try, Test and Learn Fund is delivering trials of new or innovative approaches to assist some of the most vulnerable in society into stable, sustainable employment.

The objective of the Try, Test and Learn Fund is to generate new insights and empirical evidence into ‘what works’ to reduce long-term welfare dependence. Projects will be selected based, in part, on the value of the evidence that they will generate. Projects will be robustly evaluated to produce high-quality policy evidence about the effectiveness of interventions, for whom, and under what circumstances. In this way, the Fund will allow the Government to identify approaches that work, and use this evidence to transform our investment in existing programs or make the case for new investments.


Jetstar Flying Start Programme
Current Round Closing Date: 31st of March 2018
Value: $30,000 consisting of $15,000 cash grant and $15,000 of Jetstar flights
Run By: Jetstar

Jetstar's Flying Start Program invites community groups and organisations across Australia to apply for a grant to fund a project that will enrich the lives of people in their local community.

Entry is open to not-for-profit community groups and organisations of any size, who are seeking funding to help enhance the lives of people in their local community; and can be classified into one of the following categories: Charity; Educational and Health Organisations; Arts Group or Organisation; Sporting Group or Organisation.

The community group or organisation should have a specific project in mind for how the grant will be used to benefit their local community.

Grants are awarded twice a year.


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Award Programs

Lightbulb Moments
Closes: 11th of February 2018
Run By: Regional Australia Institute
The Regional Australia Institute is aiming to capture the best ideas for community and economic development from all over regional Australia. This could be anything from a project that helps young people into local jobs, to an initiative that will attract visitors to your region. Ten finalists will receive dedicated project development support and national publicity. One overall winner will also get their own TV ad and airtime to help promote success.


Australian Small Business Champion Awards
Entries Close: 21st of February 2018
Run By: Precedent Productions
Offering a unique opportunity to highlight Australia's most outstanding small businesses, the awards seek to recognise the hard work that business owners contribute to the local community in generating employment for millions of Australians, as well as their contribution to the Australian economy.

NSW Training Awards
2018 Applications Close: 16th of March 2018
Run By: NSW Department of Industry
The NSW Training Awards are conducted annually by Training Services NSW to recognise outstanding achievement in the vocational education and training sector. The Awards honour and reward the achievements of students, trainers/teachers, training organisations, large and medium employers.


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Closing in January

Ian Potter Foundation Conference Grants
Closes: Current round closes 30th of January 2018
Value: Up to $20,000
Run By: The Ian Potter Foundation
The Ian Potter Foundation’s Conference program area supports the exchange and dissemination of ideas and knowledge across a global stage. The Conference program assists organisations to bring keynote speakers of international renown to Australia.


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Closing in February

The Honda Foundation
Closes: Current round closes 22nd of February 2018
Run By: The Honda Foundation
The Honda Foundation acts as a charitable trust, providing financial assistance to charities and organisations doing amazing work across a range of social and environmental issues.

James N Kirby Foundation Small Grants
Closes: 28th of Febrary each year
Value: $3,000 to $15,000
Run By: James N Kirby Foundation
Since its inception, the foundation has donated nearly $21 million across a broad charitable spectrum, and is committed to distributing approximately $1m in grants each year.


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Closing in March

Small Grants for Rural Communities
Closes: Various
Value: Up to $5,000
Run By: Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
Available for projects and activities that offer clear public benefit for communities  in rural, regional or remote Australia. Priority is given to communities of 10,000 or fewer. Applicants must be not-for-profit community organisations with an ABN or incorporation certificate.

Try, Test and Learn Fund
Closes: Ongoing applications until September 2018
Value: $500,000 to $5,000,000
Run By: Department of Social Services
Funding to deliver trials of new or innovative approaches to assist some of the most vulnerable in society into stable, sustainable employment.

Festivals Australia: Regional Festivals Project Fund
Closing: Various
Value: Dependant on the grant applied for
Run By: Australia Council for the Arts
Supports the inclusion of an arts project at festivals in regional and remote Australia. Grants are available to support the costs to produce and present an arts activity.

Australian Communities Foundation
Closes: Various dates
Value: Dependant on grant
Run by: Australian Communities Foundation
Supports a range of charitable organisations and projects each year. Grants are made domestically and internationally through Australian registered charitable organisations for specific projects, or for purposes that support the ongoing activities of those organisations.

Google Ad Grants
Closes: Applications are ongoing
Value: Up to $10,000 per month
Run By: Google
Empowers nonprofit organisations, through $10,000 per month in in-kind AdWords™ advertising, to promote their missions and initiatives on Google search result pages.

Quick Response Grants
Closing date: Applications are Ongoing
Value: Up to $1,500
Run By: Regional Arts NSW
Offers funding for regional artists, arts organisations and communities to respond to unique arts opportunities that present themselves at very short notice.

Poverty and Disadvantage Small Grants Program
Closing date: Ongoing
Value: Up to $10,000
Run By: Sidney Myer Fund and The Myer Foundation
Supports strategies to benefit Australian communities and aims to alleviate the negative effects of poverty and disadvantage; demonstrate new ideas about how to address poverty and disadvantage; strengthen communities’ abilities to deal with poverty and disadvantage.

Partnership Grants
Opens: 5th of February 2018
Run By: Multicultural NSW
Partnership projects can last for up to three years and are expected to make a real impact, with positive demonstrable outcomes for NSW in the long term.

ANZ Staff Foundation
Rounds Close: 15th of January 5:00PM (AEDT) and 15th of July 5:00PM (AEST) each year
Value: Up to $5,000
Run By: ANZ
The Foundation aims to support projects run by charitable organisations which offer a direct and tangible benefit to local communities.

National Cultural Heritage Account
Closes: Applications are ongoing on a case-by-case basis
Value: $500,000 is available each year
Run By: Australian Government Department of Communications and the Arts
Helps Australian public cultural organisations buy significant objects that they could not otherwise afford. Australian cultural institutions can apply for funding. This includes museums, art galleries, libraries, archives, historic buildings, national trusts and local history museums and galleries, and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander keeping places for sacred/secret material.

Closes: Various
Value: Dependant on grant applied for
Run By: Club Grants
Clubs across NSW provide support to tens of thousands of local community organisations, sporting groups, and charities that make a difference in their local area.

Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program
Closes: Ongoing
Value: Up to $4,000
Run By: Department of Vetrans Affairs
Designed to preserve Australia’s wartime heritage and to involve people throughout the nation in a wide range of projects and activities that highlight the service and sacrifice of Australia’s servicemen and women in wars, conflicts and peace operations, and promote appreciation and understanding of the role that those who served have played in shaping the nation.

Project Development Grants
Closes: 30th of September 2018
Value: $2,500 tp $7,500
Run By: Museums and Galleries of NSW
Project Development Grants allow community museums and keeping places to carry out strategic and innovative projects with mid to long term outcomes. The grants can also provide an opportunity to work productively with an appropriate museums and/or arts consultant as a skill development opportunity.


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